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Whichever environment you find yourself in, Pelsue work tents protect you from the elements. Hot or cold, wet or dry, rain or snow, we make work tents that help you adapt on the job. All our work tents feature one-piece construction so you don’t have to worry about losing any parts and our tension pop-up design makes set-up quick and easy. Whether you need a high-rise work tent to protect special equipment or a tent to shelter your crew while during trenching operations, we make work tents to suit your needs. Our SolarShade® work tents feature a specially-designed solar blocking material that blocks out unwanted light and solar gain, turning your work tent into a shade tree. You can even get it as an umbrella which conveniently attaches to your work vehicle. All-Weather work tents help you get the job done no matter when or where. The feature solar blocking tops and translucent sides which let the light in. The multi-tent can attach to a bucket, pole, manhole guard, ladder, or strand and the All-Weather Fiber Splicing Tent features 14” sleeves so you can keep your work tent ventilated or climate-controlled. Pelsue is proud to make durable tents which are the best choice to help you on the worksite. Waterproof, UV protected, and flame retardant, take our tents with you wherever your job takes you. Explore our work tents below and find the right choice for you.

Fiber Splicing Tents

All-Weather Fiber Splicing Tent

All-Weather Fiber Splicing Tent

SolarShade Fiber Splicing Tent

SolarShade Fiber Splicing Tent

Pelsue is your partner in ensuring a safe and secure work environment for your team.

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