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Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post

Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post


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FT-C70 - 9"D x 6'H




The Pelsue Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post is built to do the job with the least amount of hassle. Unlike most other fall arrest towers, which are built with heavy steel or aluminum, the Uni-Lite is constructed out of carbon fiber, allowing it to be easily lifted and positioned where you need it.

Acting in the same function as a fishing pole, the Uni-Lite Post absorbs much of the force of a fall by bending. Its patented design flexes with the force, making it the perfect rescue and retrieval device. The Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post is intended to provide an elevated fall arrest anchorage for up to three persons. The upper insert features a 360° swivel tie-off with three 5.8’ high anchor points.

Base plates are required for this unit.Up to 3 person tie-off


Works with Portable and Permanent Bases


Base Plate Compatibility:

  • FT-C70 – All bases can be attached

  • TFAT-14C – All FB bases and BC-16S

FB-SW1 – Weld-on base plate

FB-SW3 – Weld-on base plate with tie-off anchor

FB-SB3 – Bolt-on base plate with tie-off anchor

FB-BT1 – Bolt-on base plate adapter

FB-RB1 – Round base plate for stud weld

FB-RW1 – Weld-on base plate with 12″ round mounting ears

FB-FM1 – Bolt-on base plate, first person up anchor

BC-14S – Beam clamp base – adjustable, 4″ – 14″ for I-Beam

BC-16S – Beam clamp base – adjustable, 8.75″ – 16″ for I-Beam

BC-08A – Beam clamp base – adjustable, 3.5″ – 8″ for C-Beam

SB-SM1 – Spider base, 4-arm manway mount, 19″ arms, multi-position

SB-SM2 – Spider base, 4-arm manway mount, 12″ arms, multi-position

RMBP-47 – Rail-mounted base plate, 47″ long, bolt-on, railroad

RMBP-65 – Rail-mounted base plate, 65″ long, bolt-on, railroad

AP01 – Tie-off, bolt-on base plate – zinc plated

AC-28R – Anchor clamp – 16″ – 28″

AC-28RX – Anchor clamp – 16″ – 28″, hex drive

AC-34R – Anchor clamp – 19″ – 34″

AC-34RX – Anchor clamp – 19″ – 34″, hex drive AC-34RXP – Anchor clamp – 19″ – 34″ round manways




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