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Infrared Tent Heater

Infrared Tent Heater


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1557 - Infrared Heater, 16,000 BTU, propane with LPG 10’ gas hose, no regulator
1557B - Infrared Heater, 16,000 BTU propane with 20’ LPG hose & regulator
1557C - Infrared Heater 16,000 BTU, propane with 25’ LPG hose & regulator
1557D - Infrared Heater, 16,000 BTU, propane no LPG hose included




The Pelsue Infrared Tent Heater is engineered to be the ultimate confined space heater.Built with safety always first and foremost, this ultra-portable heater is designed to keep well-ventilated tents warm, so your crew can work with comfort and peace of mind. Unlike most portable propane-powered space heaters, the Pelsue tent heater allows you to adhere to regulations: the included 10, 20, or 25-foot hose ensures you can keep the propane tank outside, at a minimum of 10′ away, while using the heater inside your tent.Abiding by OSHA and other workplace safety guidelines, we made this heater with a number of robust safety features:

  • Tip-Over Protection shuts down the heater if it falls, stopping fires before they start.

  • Chains that allow you to safely hang the heater with a 25′ hose connected to the propane tank, while you are working from an aerial lift.

  • Long hoses ensure you can position your propane bottle a safe distance from your heater and tent.

  • CSA certification

When you need to keep your work tents warm, get the heater designed with workers in mind.The Model 1557 is a radiant style, portable, infrared construction heater. It is adjustable from 8,000 to 16,000 BTU’s. This patented design provides clean, efficient heat for Pelsue work tents or any other ventilated space. Safety features include thermal sensor and tip over protection.

No electrical power required.

Note: Results are based on in-house testing. Consumer results may vary



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