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Fiber Splicing Truck Insert

Fiber Splicing Truck Insert


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Fiber Splicing Truck Insert




Fiber Splicing Capabilities Right On Your Truck

The Pelsue Truck Insert is a compact and cost-effective way to get fiber splicing capabilities from your truck. The Truck Insert includes a full-length countertop, LED lighting, a 15,000 BTU/hr Coleman Ultra Low Profile air conditioner, and cabinets and drawers for storage, as well as three GFI protected 120VAC outlets.

Compact Design

The Pelsue Truck Insert is a great option for fiber splicing in tight spaces or off-road areas. It can take you wherever your truck can go. The body will outlast the life of the chassis, and can then be moved to a new chassis, providing considerable cost savings. Works with 3/4 ton trucks with an 8-foot bed.

Cost-Effective Solution

If you have the vehicle to take you where you need to go, the Pelsue Fiber Splicing Truck Insert is your answer to cost-effective, long-lasting fiber splicing capabilities. The Insert is built to outlast the life of your chassis, so it can easily be switched to a new chassis, providing considerable cost savings. The Truck Insert is unique in the fact that it can go wherever your truck can go—so when you need to reach tight, difficult-to-access locations, it is extremely effective.

Some of the standard features included in the Truck Insert are:

Standard Features:

  • Requires a minimum 3/4-ton full size pickup truck with an 8-foot bed

  • Self-contained truck-mounted insert, bolts in place through truck bed

  • Fiberglass gel coat body with a 72” interior height, with open storage area over cab

  • Finished weight of base unit with standard features is ~1,200 pounds

  • Slider window with screens, one each on both sides of body

  • Single fixed bulkhead window

  • Single rear entry door with fixed window. Hinged on streetside, opens to curbside.

  • Fully insulated interior walls and ceiling

  • Cable entry port at rear of body adjacent to entry door

  • Marker and clearance lights per FMVSS

  • Curbside overhead storage cabinet with doors

  • Curbside solid counter top, black laminate

  • Two storage cabinets and two drawer modules under countertop on curb side

Electrical, Lighting & Climate
  • Control panel with circuit breakers and 60 amp, 120 VAC input to 12 VDC output

  • Three interior duplex receptacles, 120 VAC, 20 Amp, GFI protected, along counter top, one receptacle includes a USB power port

  • Three 12 VDC LED lights mounted above curb side countertop

  • One exterior duplex weatherproof receptacle, 120 VAC, 20 amp, GFI protected on rear exterior wall

  • Commercial grade air conditioner, roof-mounted

  • Shore power inlet, 120 VAC, 30 amp, 1 pole, 3 wire, twist-lock

  • Carbon monoxide monitor, 120 VAC, plug in dedicated GFI outlet

  • Fire extinguisher, 2 lb, disposable, DOT approved




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