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Pelsue Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post: How Does It Work?

The Pelsue Uni-Lite Post is a state-of-the-art fall arrest system that is constructed out of Carbon Fiber, allowing it to be easily set up and dismantled. The Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post is intended to provide an elevated fall arrest anchorage for up to three persons. The upper insert features a 360° swivel tie-off with three 5.8’ high anchor points.

LifeGuard System: Fall Protection, Rescue & Retrieval, and Barrier

The Pelsue LifeGuard is an all-in-one confined space barrier, fall protection system, and rescue retrieval system.

All-Weather Fiber Splicing Tent: Overview and Set-Up

The Pelsue All-Weather Fiber Splicing Tent is the best fiber splicing tent for all-weather conditions. The tent can be set up in a little over a minute and provides a dry workplace in all-weather conditions. The tent is proudly made in Colorado with the highest quality materials to ensure the tent will provide you years of service.

Pelsue Rescue Pole: How it Works

The Pelsue Rescue Pole is designed for quick, non-entry rescues in confined spaces. It can be used for single person operation for distances of 5’ up to 16’ 9”. It works with Pelsue Quick Rescue Hoists.

Custom Trailers

Pelsue is a premier manufacturer of custom trailers, with over 50 years of experience building solutions for leading telecommunication and utility companies, local law enforcement agencies, and government applications.

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