Portable Air Conditioner

The Pelsue 1.25-ton Portable Air Conditioner offers an easy, convenient, all-in-one system for air conditioning, air cooling, dehumidifying, and portable heating. The system is completely self-contained and has wheels for easy portability, or can be affixed to a work vehicle.

The portable air conditioner is the perfect add-on for the Pelsue All-Weather Fiber Splicing Tent. When temperatures outside are scorching, the unit can easily keep the tent cool, so you can stay focused on the task at hand.

These units have been tested in the most rigorous conditions, with over 1,000 units being deployed to support U.S. Army Special Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Northern Africa.

For larger A/C needs, Pelsue offers a 2.0-ton model

Both models come with two 10’ hoses.

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1.25-ton ECU, 15,000 BTU/h, 191 lbs.


2.0-ton ECU, 24,000 BTU/h, 270 lbs.

SS125T1.25-ton ECU15,000 BTU/H191 lbs.21.5" W x 25" L x 39.25" H
SS200T2.0-ton ECU24,000 BTU/H270 lbs.28" W x 43" L x 40" H