Rescue Pole

The Pelsue Rescue Pole is designed for quick, non-entry rescues in confined spaces. It can be used for single person operation for distances of 5’ up to 16’ 9”. It works with Pelsue Quick Rescue Hoists.

The Rescue Pole is made of tough, durable fiberglass. The pole features a voltage rating of 100,000 volts per foot per 5 minutes.

Wichard hook and rope not included.

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Rescue Pole Kit – Rescue pole and clip (does not include wichard hook and rope)

Rope and Clip

45’ rope with wichard hook


Rescue Pole


Rescue Clip

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  • When used in combination with the Pelsue Quick Rescue Hoist, this allows users to quickly attach a rescue line to a fallen or injured worker without entering a confined space
  • Easy-to-use and highly portable, reducing the time it takes to conduct a rescue
  • Designed for a single operator, the Rescue Pole can reach up to 16”9’
  • Durable fiberglass construction ensures your Rescue Pole can handle the rough conditions you face every day
  • Voltage rating of 100,000 volts per foot per 5 minutes



HSK1, 501231-001, 500989-001, Rope and Clip

Hot Stick Accessories
Image of the Hot Stick Wichard Hook and Rope

Hot Stick Rope and Hook

45’ rope with wichard hook

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