Fiber Splicing Van

The Pelsue Van is easy to drive and maneuver, and provides everything you need for fiber splicing.

The van door slides open for effortless entry in and out of the vehicle, and provides extreme ease of use. The Pelsue Van comes standard with overhead storage, cabinets, LED lighting, ventilation, heating, and genset power.

The van is upfitted with superior craftsmanship and quality parts, so it will provide years of durable service. When needing ease of use and maneuverability, the Pelsue Van is an all-in-one solution for fiber splicing.

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Fiber Splicing Van
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The Pelsue Fiber Splicing Van is compact and extremely versatile. It provides everything you need for a fiber splicing job, including easy entry and exit, ample storage, and heating/cooling capabilities.

Some other standard features include:

Standard Features:
  • Cummins Onan gasoline genset (diesel available)
  • Ventilation and heating
  • 120/240 VAC electricity
  • LED lighting
  • Strobe beacon
  • Full-length countertop
  • Storage compartments
  • Cable access door
  • 2WD or 4WD

When you need a fiber splicing vehicle that doesn’t require towing a trailer, the Fiber Splicing Van is your simple solution.

Call Pelsue today to see what other features can be added to improve your fiber splicing experience.

GeneratorCummins Onan gasoline genset (diesel available)
Electric120/240 VAC electricity
Other2WD or 4WD
Fiber Splicing Vehicle Accessories
Pelsue Heavy Duty Cable Clamp 7

Heavy-Duty Cable Clamp

The Pelsue heavy-duty cable clamp with a solid 3/4” aluminum upper clasping arm is the ideal solution when you need a a sturdy hold on some cable. Other clamps use a hollow aluminum upper arm that will eventually cave in during use, leading to a loss of clasping power.

Image of the Fiber Optic Clamp

Fiber Optic Cable Clamp

The Pelsue Fiber Optic Cable Clamp is quick and easy to set up. It is lightweight and great for working on a folding table or vehicle countertop. It has a one button bump and a single compression clip for strong suction. The black grip foam conforms to different cable sizes.

Vehicle Accessories
Image of the task chair

Splicing Task Chair

The Pelsue Splicing Trailer Task Chair can fit easily within any trailer or vehicle without getting in the way.

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