Custom Bodies

Your work vehicle should have everything you need—and nothing you don’t. 

We manufacture and engineer custom bodies for a variety of applications. We can tailor-make a solution that fits your needs, backed by the quality and service of the Pelsue brand.

Pelsue brings our years of experience building and equipping work trucks for telecommunications, utilities, and more to the task of building you a vehicle to your specifications from the ground up.  From frame size to security systems, lighting to cherry pickers, we’re here to help you get the exact vehicle you need to get your job done safely, efficiently, and comfortably. 

Contact one of our reps today for a full menu of our vehicle options and see everything we can do for you. 

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Custom Body
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Customizable options include:
  • Fiberglass reinforced wall panels over aluminum frame construction
  • Seamless fiberglass roofs
  • Entry systems
  • Security systems
  • Power and fuel choices
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Storage
  • Camera systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Communication systems
  • And more!

Custom Body