Cable Drying Windbag

The Pelsue Cable Drying Windbag can be used with any Pelsue heater or blower to dry wet cables quickly. The full-length zipper openings make installation of the Cable Drying Windbag easy, and allow for quick cable inspection. The permanently installed straps and buckles ensure a snug closure around the cable.

Expansion sections are available for larger diameter cable, or for joining Windbags end-to-end. The Windbag’s flame-resistant fabric meets CPAI-84 standards.

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Cable Drying Windbag – use with vented heaters with adaptor


Cable Drying Windbag with zipped ends for expansion

Models: 7100, 7300

Expansion: 7400 – expands the diameter of model 7300

Carrying Case: 7500



7000, 7300