3-Way Self-Retracting Lifelines

If a worker slips or falls, the 3-Way SRL locks up to arrest the fall. The system can then be activated into winch mode, raising or lowering the worker to safety. The 3-Way is different than the standard SRL by adding retrieval/descender capabilities.

SRL’s are extremely important in fall arrest/rescue & retrieval applications. When entering a confined space by ladder, fixed structure, or while being lowered mechanically by a man-rated hoist, a worker must be attached to an independent lifeline for adequate fall protection.

Pelsue’s SRL’s meet or exceed OSHA requirements for confined space rescue.

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3/16” x 50’ stainless steel cable


1/4” x 50’ Technora® rope


3/16” x 50’ stainless steel cable with MB-FSB adapter bracket


3/16” x 50’ SS cable and MB-FST adapter bracket


1/4” x 50’ Technora® rope with MB-FSB adapter bracket


1/4” x 50’ Technora® rope with MB-FST adapter bracket

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  • Acts as part of a personal fall arrest system when combined with a harness and anchorage
  • Capable of raising and lowering for rescue purposes in case of an emergency
  • Rated up to 310 lbs. 
  • Locks up to arrest falls within 2 feet
  • Attaches quickly and easily to Pelsue anchorage systems like the LifeGuard and Davit
  • Easy-to-read stress indicator lets users know if the unit has been used in a fall
  • Available with either stainless steel cable or Technora® rope
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards, for peace of mind and confidence during inspections
  • Optional carrying case available
  • The raising and lowering function is for emergencies only. Under no circumstances should the 3-Way SRL be used for routine raising and lowering. Use a PH series hoist for everyday raising and lowering functions. 
  • The 3-Way SRL needs re-certification every three years. If the unit is used in a fall, it must be replaced immediately. 
PSRL1350-SS3/16” x 50’ stainless steel cable32 lbs.
PSRL1350-TR1/4” x 50’ Technora® rope32 lbs.
PSRL1350-SSB3/16” x 50’ stainless steel cable with MB-FSB adapter bracket32 lbs.
PSRL1350-SST3/16” x 50’ SS cable and MB-FST adapter bracket32 lbs.
PSRL1350-TRB1/4” x 50’ Technora® rope with MB-FSB adapter bracket32 lbs.
PSRL1350-TRT1/4” x 50’ Technora® rope with MB-FST adapter bracket32 lbs.
PSRL1350 Series Manual

PSRL1350 Series Specifications

PSRL03100-SS Manual

3-Way SRL Accessories
Image of a Hoist Carrying Case


Carrying case which fits all hoists and SRLs

Image of the PSRL-LGBK Bracket


Bracket to attach 3-Way PSRL03100-SS to MB-PF1

Image of the MB-FST Bracket

MB-FST Bracket

Bracket to attach all SRLs to Tripod

Image of the Standard Quick-Connect Bracket MB-PF1

MB-PF1 Quick-Connect Bracket

Standard quick-connect bracket for Personnel Hoists, for the LifeGuard and Davit System

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