Fiber Splicing Vehicles

Our top-of-the-line fiber splicing trailers have set the benchmark that others still strive to reach. With aluminum frame construction, premium craftsmanship and a fiberglass body, Pelsue FiberLite® fiber optic splicing trailers aren’t just adapted to meet your needs, they are intentionally designed to support effective, efficient fiber splicing while offering the flexibility to be fully customized to meet your needs.

Led by Pelsue’s flagship FiberLite® XL Tradesman model that is trusted by leading communication companies, our FiberLite® fiber splicing trailers come equipped with a well-designed workspace, flexible storage solutions, and power, heating and cooling solutions to ensure a safe, comfortable work environment.

From the premium fiberglass body through to high-quality finishes, our Pelsue fiber splicing trailers are built to work and built to last. Backed by a strong tradition of service, quality and value that has delivered thousands of trailers, you can rest assured that quality isn’t just a talking point – it’s our standard.

Explore our models below, and contact us today to get started on customizing a Pelsue fiber splicing trailer to bring long-lasting reliability, comfort and safety to your business.