Floating Solutions

Working in the concrete jungle? Consider one of Pelsue’s innovative floating solutions. Featuring all the quality of a traditional Pelsue Tent, now in a package suitable for tight or awkward spaces. All you need is a smooth surface. Our unique frame design bends and twists to fit almost any situation, while remaining rigid in windy conditions. This makes them excellent for working around utility cabinets or AC units. If you (or your electronic devices) need shelter from the elements or shade for enhanced visibility on screens, look no further than Pelsue. These solutions feature powerful pump operated suction cups that can maintain suction for over 45 minutes between pumping, our current record is 6 hours (dependent on surface type and cleanliness). Our industrial umbrellas designed to be used day in and out. Toss out your old work umbrella and pick up a Pelsue Floating Solution today!
As with all as with all Pelsue tents, these floating solutions are both water and fire resistant, made in America, designed for easy setup, and built to last.

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