Our Leadership

Brad Pelsue, CEO

thumbnail_bradI am the owner of the Pelsue Company.
Here are a few things you might like to know about me… or not:
I Ride. I bought my first Harley in 1994. I have been down nearly every paved road in the state of Colorado. Currently I ride a 2002 Road Glide. I thought of getting something newer, but this thing has taken me from coast to coast, North to South and across Canada. I have the “Screaming Eagle” package and “ThunderHeader” exhaust pipes. There is no Gold Wing in my future.
I play jazz saxophone. I am currently playing with a couple of big bands (17-21 members). Tenor Sax in one band and Baritone Sax in the other playing jazz from Louis Armstrong to Kenny G.
Georgi and I have 6 grandchildren in California and Florida where our 2 kids families live. Pretty good for 45 years together. I will ski until the last grandchild passes me up. She is not yet 1 year old.

In my business past:
Chairman, Rocky Mountain Export Council, appt. by Pres. Reagan R.
Chairman, Colorado International Trade Council, appt. by Gov. Lamm D.
Director, Colorado Assoc. of Commerce & Industry
Speaker, Colorado Business Week

Education and Training:
BA, Univ. of Colorado
Exec. Program Stanford University
Most importantly there was the Al Pelsue Harvard Street Training Program (Pelsue Company sits on the corner of W. Harvard & S. Tejon Streets): I worked for my Dad like all kids in a family business. Training programs were pretty simple: “Sweep the floor, put together catalogs & empty the trash.” Then, “wire this up, assemble this, drill over there”, etc. I never learned to weld, although my sister did.
In the summers during college Dad would give me a list of contacts, a power trailer to demonstrate & the keys to the 1964 station wagon, and the simple instruction: “Sell that trailer & come back for another.”
I love the American West. Actually, I love it all.