Product Manuals: Fall Protection

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By System:

LifeGuard – LG5A/LG5X
LifeGuard LG5A Retrofit Kit – Swing Gate Attachment

Davit System
Folding Davit Base – DBF-43A
Davit Vehicle Hitch Mount
Davit Kits
Portable Wall Mounted Base – DSR-ADJ
Portable Davit Bases – EB56/EB66

Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post
Post Base Plates – AC-R Series

Post Base Plate – BC-08A
Post Base Plates – BC14S/BC-16S
Post Base Plates – FB Series
Post Base Plate – SB-SM1
Uni-Lite Expandable Base – TFAT-14C
Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post – FT-C70

Expandable Fall Arrest Post
Expandable Fall Arrest Post – TFAT 11A

Post Base Plates – FB Series
Post Base Plates – BC-14S/BC-16S (Only compatible with BC-16S)

Rescue Tripod
Rescue Tripod – RT07/P054

Equipment Hoists – WH Series
Personnel Hoists – PH Series

Quick Rescue Hoists – PHQR Series
Standard SRL Hoists – PSRL1125/PSRL1150
Self-Retracting Lifeline – PSRL1150
3-Way Self-Retracting Lifeline – PSRL1350
3-Way Self-Retracting Lifeline – PSRL03100SS



By Model Number:

AC-R Series – Post Base Plates

BC-08A – Post Base Plate

BC-14S & BC-16S – Post Base Plates

DBF-43A – Folding Base Plate

DK Series – Davit Kits

DSR-ADJ – Portable Wall Mounted Base

EB56 & EB66 – Portable Base

FB Series – Post Base Plates

FT-C70 – Uni-Lite Fall Arrest Post

LG5A/LG5X – LifeGuard

PH Series Hoists

PHQR – Quick Rescue Hoists

PSRL1125/1150 – Standard SRL Hoists

PSRL1150 – Self-Retracting Lifeline

PSRL1350 – Self-Retracting Lifeline

PSRL03100-SS – Self-Retracting Lifeline

RT07/P054 – Rescue Tripod

SB-SM1 – Post Base Plate

TFAT-11A – Expandable Fall Arrest Post

TFAT-14C – Uni-Lite Expandable Base

VHS Series – Davit Vehicle Hitch Mount 

WH Series – Equipment Hoists