Gas Monitors for Confined Spaces

Image of the P400 Gas Monitor

Gas Monitors are essential for entering confined spaces safely. Statistics indicate that atmospheric hazards are the most common cause of death in confined spaces. Atmospheric hazards often can’t be seen or smelt, which is why gas monitors save lives.

The right gas monitor will continually test the air to detect and alarm when there are dangerous levels of oxygen or combustible and toxic gases in the confined space. Before entering a confined space, the air should be tested using a sampling assembly/probe while the operator is outside of the space. In addition, once the entrant enters the confined space, the gas monitor should be affixed to his body or nearby to constantly monitor the air to make sure it is safe.

The normal amount of oxygen in the air is 20.8%. Oxygen-enriched atmosphere may increase the risk of a fire or explosion hazard. When oxygen is below 20.8%, it may be caused by the oxygen being displaced by other gases and vapors. The oxygen may also be getting consumed by rusting metals, combustion, consumption (by workers), or organic decay. Oxygen can also be adsorbed where molecules attach to the surface of a solid body.

It is recommended under NFPA standards that when testing for entries requiring vertical descent, the air should be sampled in 4 ft intervals starting at the opening and working towards the bottom.

Gas Monitor Kits

Image of a Gas Monitor Kit

Pelsue has a number of gas monitor kits depending on your needs. All of our kits include the PELCHEK-P400 monitor, which is rugged and durable designed to hold up to use in confined spaces. It is a personal gas monitor made of durable polycarbonate with a rubber-like protective outer covering. It has a very easy to use design, a large graphic display, and an Immediate Detection System (IDS). When an alarm is triggered, there are three types of alarms to notify entrants of a problem—audio, visual, and vibration.

The PELCHEK-P400 monitor meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI requirements.

To view the Pelsue Gas Monitor Kits, click HERE.


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