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Davit Base Options

In 2020 alone, out of more than 1,000 recorded construction fatalities, 351 were due to lower level falls. Even one fatality is too many, which is why we think it’s critical to familiarize yourself with OSHA construction fall protection standards while you’re still in the project planning stages and before heading out to a job site.

In a previous blog, we shared the reasons why fall protection is not to be taken lightly. You can minimize and even prevent unnecessary injury and death from ever occurring simply by taking the time to learn how to protect workers by using appropriate personal fall protection systems.

Selecting the right type of Davit Base can feel confusing—but it doesn’t have to. Before we talk about the different bases available, let’ define what a Davit Base is and why you need one.

What is a Davit Base?

A Davit Base is a permanent or portable fixture that serves as “the base” for a complete Davit Arm System upon which you can attach a self-retracting lifeline that is able to be raised, lowered, and removed.

We have a video that shows just how easy it is to set up and use a Davit System as your combined space entry system or personal arrest fall device.

Portable Davit Base System in use.

The Pelsue Davit System has the options for a permanent or portable base that can be set up in minutes to be used as a fall arrest system.

If you’re still unsure if a Davit is right for you, in a previous blog, we discussed in detail how a Davit Arm System functions, why it’s crucial for crew members requiring fall protection equipment, and how it works.

Why is Choosing the Right Davit Base So Important?

Your Davit Base is just as important a part of your fall arrest device, especially if you’re working at a great height or in a confined space.

From manufacturing facilities, to ships, to remote locations, we know that your job can take you to a lot of places requiring you to have different types of fall protection and rescue or retrieval equipment on hand. No matter the project, there’s no question the number one priority should always be worker safety.

OSHA requires employers to provide their workers with appropriate fall protection systems. It’s up to you to recognize what type of Davit Base will best fit the needs of your crew.

Considerations when Choosing a Davit Base

The conditions in which you are working will dictate what you should contemplate when choosing a Davit Base. More involved jobs with anticipated long-term durations often require a more permanent form of fall protection. Temporary jobs that take you out into the field or have you working in remote locations may necessitate a portable Davit System.

Ease of use and ability to set up your Davit Base quickly in case of emergency should be considered. There is no time to waste when it comes to preventing a fall from happening or implementing retrieval or rescue.

Types of Davit Bases and How They Are Used

There are two types of Davit Bases:

Pelsue davit base options

The conditions in which you are working will dictate what you should contemplate when choosing a Permanent or Portable (Temporary) Davit Base.

Each of these vastly different Davit Bases offers situational opportunities to help protect your team from a variety of incidents they may face whether inside a facility, out in the field, or while working in confined space areas. Common hazards range from falls and electrocution to exposure to toxic substances and even asphyxiation.

While quite sturdy, a Pelsue Permanent Davit Base is lightweight, can be installed  quickly, and can be used for confined space activities in both fall protection and rescue and retrieval. Designed to be vaulted to the floor, wall, or set in concrete, a permanent Davit Base is often used with a hoist, standard SRL, or 3-Way SRL.

A Pelsue Portable Davit Base works as a great solution for jobs that aren’t so cut and dry. The Portable Davit Base works best on job sites lacking an available overhead structure or any sort of fixed area or platform. It’s also a good fit for projects involving varying weight considerations. Portable Davit Bases are easy to maneuver, set up, and take down by a single individual.

Another portable option is the convenient Pelsue Vehicle Hitch Mount. Its offset reach and a multi-directional receiver allows workers to use their vehicle as the Davit Base. This means that you can drive right up to a confined space, like a manhole, and be set up to provide fall protection or quick rescue and retrieval within mere minutes.

Check out our instructional video to see how to use your Davit Base of choice.

Davit instructions video

The Permanent, Portable, and Vehicle Davit Systems are easy to set up whether you’re in the field, in a facility, or at a remote work location.

No matter which Davit Base system you choose, remember that OSHA regulations require an inspection by a competent person of all fall protection equipment once a year. A thorough visual inspection should be conducted before using any piece of fall protection equipment each and every time.

Download a copy of the OSHA Fall Protection Equipment Checklist to make sure your equipment stays in tip-top shape.


How is a Davit Base used in construction?

The Davit Base serves as a secured fixture anchor point to provide support to the davit system mast and elbow and extended arm to attach a hoist or SRL to provide necessary fall arrest protection or in the case of confined spaces—rescue and retrieval.

How does a Davit work?

Davits are comprised of an arm, elbow, post, and base. Once assembled, a Davit Base is secured to a permanent or secured temporary fixture. A movable arm, which attaches to the post, connects to a hoist or SRL which can be used to safely raise or lower people or equipment.

What is a Davit Arm System?

Built from structural aluminum and steel, a Davit Arm System is a crane-like fall protection suspension system used to safely lower and raise workers and/or equipment from heights or in confined spaces, as well as serving as a critical tool for confined space rescue.

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