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Tents & Shelters

Our Tents are the Original Pop-up Tent

How can we say that? Because the engineers at Pelsue invented the pop-up tent over 40 years ago. In that time, our tents have been used, tested and improved based on how they work in the field: from disaster relief to fiber-optic cable splicing to crew safety and shading in all types of weather and conditions. Our tents are guaranteed, available in many styles, sizes and shapes, and can be customized with color or branding

Work Tents Pelsue's work tents are versatile shelters that come in many different shapes and sizes for every use under the sun -- or snow. They have doors, shades, drop canopies and other features and are used as command posts for emergency situations, clean work areas, and shelters from inclement weather. Models include the D, A, DRAD, High-5, fiber-optic splicing tent, emergency use tent, and ground tent with cable slots.

Specialty Shelters Our specialty shelters are typically used in very specific situations like shading manholes, trenches and utility boxes. As with our work shelters, they are easy to assemble and made of the best fabrics and hardware available. Models in this category include the multitent, van tent, manhole tents, trench tents, cabinet canopies, and FTTH installers tent.

Shade Shelters We created our shade shelters when an easy, moveable shade solution is needed. Our new Shade Tent is a perfect example of this application: quick, intense shade for the work site where sun relief for crews is sometimes a matter of life or death. The Shade Shelters category includes our shade tent, umbrellas, and umbrella mount.